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Volume 3

Aus Maddraxikon
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Serie: Englische Edition
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(eine Stimme)
Titel: Volume 3
Text: Michael M. Thurner, Christian Schwarz, Jana Paradigi, Ramon M. Randle

Maurice Alesch

Cover: Néstor Taylor



MX 508 - MX 511

Erstmals erschienen: 27.04.2022

Colonel Aran Kormak has taken an interest in the parallel world areas! But first he needs an aircraft to overcome those thorn barriers. Thus, he decides to snatch a glider from under Miki Takeo’s nose in San Francisco, which prompts an arduous journey through the Sonoran Desert and an undercover mission at the Oasis of the Hundred...

Next, the Agarthan enclave is transported into a world overrun by zombie-like creatures. Forbidden experiments on amphibious creatures have produced so-called “Eaters” who dominate every corner of that world. Will the Agarthans be able to help the few remaining survivors?
Finally, Matt, Aruula, and Ydiel visit a 12th century version of Rome ruled by Caesar Aticus. But why are there drones flying through the city and humanoid robots guarding the emperor? At the same time, Quart’ol discovers that the Hydrites of this world are forced to fight ruthless gladiators...